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Multi-Layer heads

Nowadays, the special requirements on product characteristics require particular experience in extrusion technologies and materials. Examples of these features of the product are:

  • Surface processing requirements, to improve the appearance of products, or as pre-treatment for special printing techniques
  • to have external surfaces with special pigments, keeping the cost of production low
  • Use bio-plastics in a separate layer
  • Have a product protected from oxidation or protect the environment from the aggression of dangerous chemicals
  • The conductivity requirements of the material to avoid electrostatic discharge if the container is destined for explosive products

Teste Monostrato

We have long experience in manufacturing solutions with multi-layer extrusion heads (up to seven layers of material) for each application area. It is also possible to configure heads to have multiple extruders (multi-Parison).

Teste Monostrato

Extrusion head Diameter from Diameter up to No. of parisons up to
Mono-layer 25 mm 650 mm 24
DeCo 2-layer 25 mm 650 mm 24
ReCo 3-layer 35 mm 650 mm 24
CoEx 3-layer 35 mm 650 mm 16
CoEx 4-layer 35 mm 650 mm 16
CoEx 5-layer 35 mm 650 mm 16
CoEx 6-layer 35 mm 650 mm 16
CoEx 7-layer 35 mm 650 mm 16