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Mono-Layer heads

Most of the containers used in the industry are monolithic, i.e. they are made of a single layer of material.

Over the years, experience has led us to replace the simpler and cheaper side feeding feeds with the central feeding system with the diffuser. The profile of these heads guarantees a uniform distribution of materials even with various throughput requirements and shorter material and color change periods.

A wide range of plastic raw materials is machined using this kind of extrusion heads. The ease of use and the minimum maintenance required are among the major advantages of this type of heads.

We are able to make extrusion heads from a minimum diameter of 25 millimeters to a maximum of 210 millimeters in continuous extrusion.

It is also possible to configure the number of extruders, from single up to a maximum of sixteen simultaneous.

Teste Monostrato

Teste Monostrato


Uniform distribution of materials
Ease of use and the minimum maintenance